Wednesday, January 22, 2014

You Really Like Me!

My friend, over at Kimchi Latkes has been kind enough to send me a blogger award.  I really don't know what this means, other than she received some (well deserved) from other bloggers and decided to pass one on to me.  I might be happier about it if there was some kind of cash prize involved, but I am thrilled, nonetheless.  

As part of the award, you apparently have to answer a few questions about yourself that the nominating blogger poses.  Again, I really haven't got a clue about all this, but here are my answers to the questions posed by Kimchi:

1. If you could bring only three food items to a desert island, what would they be?  (Don’t worry about survival or nutrition here, I want to know what three things you’d be content eating over and over for the rest of your life.)
Having just written a post about eating more healthily, I think that being content and nutrition go hand in hand.  That said, my items are pretty healthy and I could be happy living on them, if not for the rest of my life, at least for a long weekend.  Anyway, I would pick pistachios, olives and bananas.
2. If you were attacked by a vampire and they offered to turn you into one, would you accept?  Explain.
Oh, the can of worms this question opens up!  I have mentioned vampires quite a bit in my writing.  I don't mean icky, totally boring Twilight type vampires, though.  I mean, super hot and sexy vampires; the way they are meant to be.  If one of these super hot and sexy vampires offered to bite me, I would not hesitate.  This probably would not be adultery, since I have a sneaking suspicion that my smoking hot husband is going to come out as a vampire any day now.
3. Time travel to any point in Earth’s history, and any location.  Where would you go, and why?
Good one.  I think I would like to go back to 1911 and see Machu Picchu when it was first seen by outsiders.  I've always wanted to go there and the idea of seeing such a magical place before most anyone else is pretty appealing.  Plus, Absinthe.  I would stock up.  
4. What is your favorite children’s book/fairy tale/folk tale?
I love anything to do with Santa Claus.  Who is cooler than a guy who flies around the world in one night in order to make kids happy?  No one, that's who.
5. Ocean or mountain vacation?
Can't I have both?  I spend lots of vacation time in the Adirondacks of New York and love that, but when I think about dream vacations, they usually include some kind of exotic, beach locale.  Think me and my husband on a lonely Greek island.  Ocean.
6. Describe the best thing that has ever happened to you.
I think the best thing that ever happened, was the thing that lead to all the other "best things" in my life.  It was meeting my husband while we worked together in Los Angeles in 1992.  All the best stuff came after.
Whew!  That was fun!  :)  


  1. Your last answer made me smile so big!

    So I'm mildly obsessed with supernatural creatures and have learned that the sexy vampire archetype wasn't introduced into relatively recently. I must say that my decision would hinge on the nature of vampirism. If I'm destined to be zombie-like, then no thank you. Flying and really hot vampire sex, I'm in. Then there is the whole drinking blood part. I'd rather not hurt anyone and Twilight had that going for it, the whole animal blood thing. ;)

    1. And yes, I really like you, it's true!

    2. I have been obsessed with vampires since I was really young. I found Christopher Lee's 1970's version of Dracula sexy before I even knew what sexy was! And then I read Anne Rice's books and I was a goner. I don't think any recent vampire movies do vampires justice, though Antonio Banderas in Interview with a Vampire comes pretty close. Then again, I also have a thing for Latin men, so... :) In my imagination, vampires are way cooler and sexier than Twilight, that's all. The blood drinking? I don't really give it much thought. I'd probably feast on pedophiles. Get those guys off the streets, you know? :)