Monday, August 1, 2016


Definition:  (Mine) To give more information than is technically necessary.

By this definition, everyone with Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or what are the other ones?  I'm old, so those are the only social media I have or even remotely understand.  I do know that there are more ways to overshare that I have not learned about, yet.  

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that anyone who sees my Facebook posts knows that I am an oversharer.  I admit it.  My days of trying and failing miserably to be mysterious are long behind me.  Yet, even with my oversharing, I am still only telling you about 1/10th of 1% of what I am thinking, maybe less.  

For example:  How often do people think about sex?  There are tons of studies about this, but the most recent stuff I have read says somewhere between 1 and 188 times a day.  Since I am towards the high end of that spectrum and am not posting my thoughts 150 times a see where I am going.  You're basically getting the very teeny, tiny tip of the Amy iceberg.  

And yet, coupled with the million other kitty cat pictures and baby pictures and political ramblings, you're still probably thinking "Holy crap.  Enough".  Rest assured that I am saying the same thing about your 9,000th #soblessed post.

Anyway, why do I do it?  I've been thinking about this and trying to come up with an honest answer.  The truth is, that there is no one answer, there are many, which I will list for you now.  Please feel free to compose your next #grateful post instead.  I totally understand.

1)  Because I am slightly narcissistic.  Maybe more than slightly.
2)  Because I am feeling a feeling (any feeling).
3)  Because I wear my heart on my sleeve (see #2).
4)  Because I really love my husband.
5)  Because I really love my kids.
6)  Because I am insecure.
7)  Because my loosely autobiographical novel is not writing itself.
8)  Because I want to irritate my husband's exes (because seriously?  F*ck those bitches).
9)  Because I want to irritate at least one of my exes (because seriously?  You Ernest Hemmingway minus the writing ability wannabe?).
10)  Because it's a passive/aggressive way to annoy some family members.
11)  Because I find myself hilarious (see #1).
12)  Mostly #8.
13)  and #10.

Just thought you should know.  #Weirdo #dontIknowit 

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