Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's Getting Weird in Here - Amy's Brain; Part One Zillion

What is up with men who feel the need to compare some kind of pain they have had to childbirth?  Are they seriously bothered that a woman might be tougher than them in this arena?  Like they don't have enough power already?   You know, like making more money and holding more elected offices (by a lot);  they also need to win the "pain threshold contest"?  How insecure do you have to be to think like this?  I bet they are not challenging former POW's to a pain contest.  "Oh, bamboo under the nails?  That's nothing.  I had a kidney stone, once."  Please.  Get a life.

Oh, and kidney stone guy?  Guess what?  Women can get those, too!  But, you will never be pregnant.  You will never carry what amounts to a giant parasite in your body for nine months before passing it through the most sensitive part of your body and then breastfeed it for twelve months afterwards.  It will never happen.  

Don't even get me started on mastitis and how it feels like pulling a red hot poker out of your nipple.

Why can't you let women have this ONE and just be thankful that they do?  With all the shit we have to deal with on a monthly basis; couldn't you just be like:  "Wow.  Well done.  Thanks for putting up with that!"?  

And do me a favor.  If you and your partner decide to procreate, please FOR GODSAKES, do not say "We're pregnant!"  I am just warning you now, that if I hear this come out of your mouth, I will have to punch you in the nads.  Let's see how pregnant you think you feel with that pain.

How this guy ever got laid while being such an obvious douche, I will never know.

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